Hello everyone!


It’s been a while since I’v been updating anything to this site. At the moment I’m thinking of starting it again!? It might not be that often that I would post something here, but anyway every now and then I might post something!? Maybe I’ll just post some pic’s from the places I’v been or maybe I’ll write you something about how is it going in the circuit of alpine skiing! So if you don’t know after productive two years in Ruka Racing School I’v started this summer as a coach for Finnish Europa-Cup team on men’s side.  I’m pretty happy to be ”back” on this scene.


At the moment we are in Ushuaia, Argentina on our second camp this season. First camp we had about a month ago in Wittenburg and in Zermatt. That camp was successful and so far this camp here has started out very good. Conditions are superb and slopes are great! We arrived Aug 31. and will be here until Sep 26. So we will have more than enough time to train! Tomorrow is a third day on snow and first time with time runs. Let’s see how that’s gonna go!




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